Donna will create an experience for you that will last a life time

Aussie Specialist medallionI started in the travel industry as a place where I could use my love for history, art, culture, and geography from all over the world.

My interest in Australia and New Zealand came after my first visit down under in 1998. Since then I have traveled to many parts of both countries, always learning something new and exciting to share with my clients.

Each trip is special, whether it is for a family, a student, or a honeymoon couple. Every person brings to me their own unique set of wants and my goal as an experienced Australia Travel Agent is to have you return from a trip down under knowing you had not only a fantastic vacation, but wonderful experiences which will be a part of you always.

I absolutely loved our trip and especially loved the package you put together. I always plan our trips and it was such a luxury to have you do all the planning. I thought we had just the right amount of time. Great fun! Mary Beth


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